caring for your succulents


Succulents need natural light to grow. They need to be outdoors in part shade part sun. If they are growing super tall super-fast, we call this ‘leggy’, they are telling you that they need light. This can happen when succulents are indoors. Yes, you can bring them indoors when entertaining guests to decorate your table, but take them back outside and let them thrive.

If you have noticed that the leaves are turning brown or going white, they may need more shade. You can’t go wrong with part sun/part shade. Succulents are very resilient plants. Be patient with them.

When you think, you may have killed them, you may be surprised with new growth! Gently soak the soil, then allow the soil dry out completely before the next watering. In the warmer weather, water often! (I water daily when its super-hot!) In the winter months, water less.

Watch them change with the seasons and let them teach you about the simple life of earth, water, sun and most importantly, love.